EXHIBITIONS > Jeanette Doyle: Postface

Provectos Raúl Zamudio and Empty Circle are pleased to present a mixed-media, solo exhibition by Dublin-based, Irish artist Jeanette Doyle entitled: Jeanette Doyle: Postface, A Retrospective.

The exhibition is a survey of two decades of work that encompasses video, animations, works-on paper, digital prints, and performance. The show includes for the first time in New York City, text-based digital animations which Doyle made for The Warhol Museum in 2011. Also in the exhibition will be previously unseen works from hundreds of notebook drawings made between 2005-2022, as well as hand-treated digital prints also originally shown in the Warhol Museum (2012), and a hand-treated digital animation which will also debut in the current exhibition.

Postface is defined by Webster as "a brief article or note (as of explanation) placed at the end of a publication." The exhibition uses this textual device within the visual arts to underscore one of Dole's narrative arcs in her oeuvre to date: the relationship between art and language. But Doyle's artistic investigations into language and vice versa are as much a political inquiry as philosophical and critical one; for many of the themes her work draws from include history and topical events as well as ideas around how discourse in its myriad manifestation whether it be jargon, slang and colloquialisms, memes and social media soundbites, for example, subliminally and subconsciously shape our subjectivity and agency in a saturated digital world of images and information overload.

This exhibition and related activities are generously funded by Culture Ireland and Arts Council